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    How to package/deploy the JBossWs sample

    Charles Ethridge Newbie


      I have gotten the Fibo J2EE example built, packaged, deployed and tested ok in JBoss/Eclipse, using your tutorial. Pretty straight-forward, once I got the hang of it. Thanks for that one.

      Now, I need to get your "SOAP with Attachement" tutorial shown here:


      ... to do the same, and it is not so straight-forward.

      I can get it to build ok, by importing it into a new J2EE 1.4 JBoss-IDE project, and then adding attachment.jar to the build classpath (Build Properties).

      I have a couple of problems now, though:

      (1) I'm betting that a lot of the libraries are already included in the "Web Services 1.0 Library", yes? ...so that if I actually follow the tutorial, I'll be duplicating third-party classes in the classpath, yes? I say this because it is my understanding that JBoss now includes SAAJ(SOAP) as part of its J2EE1.4 implementation. So, bottom line is I'm thinking the "list-of-jars.txt" files in the sample zip are now at least partially obsolete. Correct? If so, what is the new list of jars?

      (2) The structure you show in the Fibo Tutorial for packaging (i.e. where stuff "lives" in the IDE and where it moves to in the ear) is very different from what you show in the Fibo tutorial, so what would be the "Packaging Configurations" for the "Soap With Attachments" tutorial? i.e. where should, say, the config dir and its contents live in a JBoss-IDE J2EE1.4 project, and to where should they move in the ear/war?