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    Configuration of the remote deployment

    Grégory PFISTER Newbie


      I would like to put in place the remote deployment of the developments on the landscape. I use the the version 4.0.3 of the JBoss AS and the version 1.5 of JBoss-IDE. The development post is a Windows XP client, the JBoss servers are hosted on Linux servers (Debian).

      When I configure the deployer option in Eclipse, I have a the following URL: http://jboss_test:8080/jmx-console/HtmlAdaptor?action=invokeOpByName&name=jboss.system:service%3DMainDeployer&methodName={0}&argType=java.net.URL&arg0=

      I don't understand how to deal with the JMX-Console authentification, and even if I disable the authentification, it doesn't work.

      Can anyone help me understanding how work the remote deployment and how to configure it ? We would like to avoid shared drive or having all developper working directly on the server.

      I would like to go through this as we are actually planning to switch our application servers to JBoss, so we are building a pilot landscape and testing development tools before moving some of our developments.

      Many thanks in advance.