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    Problem in JBOSS hot deployment...

    Prashant Tiwari Newbie


      I am developing a web application using Struts. I am using JBOSS 4.0.3RC1 as app server. The problem is that when I start up the server for the first time & deploy the web application it deployed successfully through JBOSS IDE for eclipse. But when I am updating my web application (modifying some JSP's) the hot deployment not take place. Also When I m trying to redeploy/remove it through deployment box in eclipse it gives me error like:-
      Deployment is out of date due to changes in underlying project content.You'll need to manually 'Redeploy'the project to update deployed archive.

      Where is the proble??? Also when I restart server it works fine for the first time.
      Please help me.
      Thanx in advance.