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    Packaging EJB3.0 apps with IDE 1.5.1

    Kevin Hooke Newbie

      I might be missing the point here, but when I use the Packaging Configuration and I configure an ejb jar and an ear, where are the manifest.mf and application.xml files generated?

      I run the select 'Run Packaging' and get the error:
      G:\develop\ejb30_demo\Test1\packaging-build.xml:5: Manifest file: G:\develop\ejb30_demo\Test1\src\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF does not exist.

      Having lived in the IBM WSAD/RAD world for the past 3 years and having these files automatically configured via wizards and generated for me, I was expecting JBoss IDE to also do the same. Am I wrong in assuming that the JBoss IDE geerates these files? Are they missing because I have to create them myself?