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    Is JBOSS IDE & JBOSS are not suitable for STRUTS application

    Prashant Tiwari Newbie

      I think JBOSS is not suitable for Struts Based MVC web Application. This is my assumption (experience) because, One month before I was in search of the single app server for my complete web applicationwhich will consist of Container for EJB (2.0) & web container & I had only 2 options (JBOSS & JOnAS).Somebody told me that JBOSS is best for that purpose. So I tried to develop first Bean Components for my web application on JBOSS4.0.3-RC1 app server & Successfully Completed & deployed
      my EJB2.0 components on JBOSS. Now I am in the next step of my web project(Preparing web application using STRUTS framework).
      But in the first stage of my second step I got very bad experience on JBOSS, that is, when I tried to deploy my struts based web application, then for the first time it gets deployed successfully(I am using eclipse IDE for JBOSS). But After that when I did some modifications in my web application & again tried redeploy it then it gave me error message that
      "Deployment is out of date due to changes in the underlying Project contents. You'll need to mannually 'Redeloy' project to update the deployed archive."
      I am using JBOSS IDE for eclipse 3.1.
      Also When I am trying to undeploy project I am getting same error message. What IS problem with JBOSS??
      Also now I can't change my app server because I have already used Some JBOSS specific tags in my EJB (like JBOSS-QL). So please tell me how to solve this problem of struts deployment on JBOSS?
      Is my opinion that "JBOSS is not suitable for STRUTS" is right????? If not then please tell me how?