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    launching jboss(with jetty) with auto-compile

    Richard Taylor Newbie


      [Eclipse 3.1.2]
      [JBoss IDE 1.5.1.GA]

      I'm a relative newbie to JBoss but have picked it up in a new job I've started recently.

      I'm launching JBoss from the Server Navigator and I've managed to get an external instance running. However I now want to be able to edit class files and have them automatically reloaded in the running JBoss instance. I've tried adding projects from Eclipse into the classpath of the JBoss IDE Config but when I do that it seems the classloader for those classes can no longer find any dependent classes or libraries.

      Is it possible to achieve what I've set out to do? I've tried 100's of different classpath/source options and cannot seem to get it to work.

      If I also add all the dependent libraries to the classpath then I end up with javax/http/HttpServlet not found! And even adding the SERVLET_API in doesn't help.

      I have the application on the filesytem as an expanded EAR - with two SARs and two WARS (expanded).

      I would like to just work on the classes of one WAR really - having it pick up all the libraries from the filesystem (except the ones I'm working on in Eclipse) and then reload all the eclipse ones as I edit them.