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    Fibo and Web services

    Dominique CLAIRAC Newbie

      I have try the JBoss IDE tutorial (Fibocciani) with success.
      Now, I have to try to make some web services. I have try to make web services server wit eclipse/web tool project and tomcat with success. But it doesn't work with Jboss (may be du to the jboss axis implmentation).

      So, that why I have try the Jboss IDE environement and the Fibo tutorial. The problem is that I can't find any tutorial on the web to help me making a web service with Jboss IDE/Jboss 4.0.3SP1/Jdk 1.5 update 6.

      For exemple, I want to replace servlet/html files to a "compute" web service.
      I have no problem to make web service client, just for the server.

      So the deal is :
      - If somebody help me to make the Fibo web service. I'm agree to make a beautifull tutorial (like the fibo tutorial) and to give it to webmasters for publishing.

      Any link or help will be welcome