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    Jboss IDE  vs WTP...things that make you think hmmmm:)

    Mike Habich Newbie

      For the impatient: 2 questions upfront:)
      1) How can I use TPTP profiling with Jboss 3.2.5? ( any documentation etc that anyone knows about)?
      2)Now that Jboss is part of Eclipse org. Would it make sense to have WTP use Jboss IDe server config etc for their code ( and for TPTP)?
      <end mode for impatient>

      I installed Jboss IDE 1.5.1 Ga in Eclipse 3.1.2 with WTP 1.0.1 and TPTP ( and all dependencies) .
      My goal was to Profile my application running on Jboss 3.2.5.
      I developed this application using Jboss IDE and IDE worked VERY well (I'm fully sold on JBoss as the best AS out there).

      First I discovered that when WTP say Jboss 3.2.x they mean "only as long as x is 3". Not to be discouraged I created my own server definition files added it to WTP and POOF I could create/start my server! :)
      Just to discover that WTP does not think any of my projects can be deployed to that server......
      It was quiet fun playing with config files, but it would be so much more fun if there was one server one needs to configurate,and it cold be used for both Jboss IDE development and TPTP profiling:)

      I thank you for any response, even if just to state any plans on unifing server definitions or that there is no such plans.


      P.S :)

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master


          I don't know enough about TPTP to help your here, but I would just go and see their docs/faqs about debugging any other java application....nothing mysterious here in respect to JBoss AFAIK.

          Regarding WTP server definitions then we really would like to use it but it still is a work in progress and there are some limitations in WTP we haven't found a good solution for yet. (e.g. we find it troublesome that you are required to have physical seperate projects when using both web and ejb modules)

          so in short...we are working on it and any contribution in this respect is very welcome.