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    JBossIDE 1.5.0 Starting!!

    hani younis Newbie

      Dear all developers,
      im so new to Jboss & i heared about the JBoss IDE..so i download it with the tutorial & so happily to follow the steps for makeing Fibo example..
      but i have 2 problems
      1)In packaging..
      E:\Documents and Settings\family\workspace\Tutorial\packaging-build.xml:5: Manifest file: E:\Documents and Settings\family\workspace\Tutorial\src\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF does not exist
      I dont know why the wizard not make it by itself....
      2) when i want to run or make debug it opens to me new JBoss IDE 1.5.0 application..like i start eclipse.exe..
      i know you are here great developers..but really i like to learn from you ..
      please help & be patient with me..
      Thanks all