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    UnsupportedClassVersionError in 1.5.1.GA

    Tim McGinnis Newbie

      I have installed the JBoss IDE 1.5.1.GA into Eclipse 3.1.2 per the instructions in the JBoss Eclipse IDE Installation Guide. I then followed the steps in the JBoss Eclipse IDE Tutorial up to where I am supposed to build the XDoclet. When I right-click on the project and select Run XDoclet I get the following error.

      Buildfile: /home/tim/devel/workspace31/Tutorial/xdoclet-build.xml

      java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: xjavadoc/ant/XJavadocTask (Unsupported major.minor version 49.0)

      Total time: 6 seconds

      Here is the jar file that has the XJavadocTask in it. The one downloaded by the install.


      Can anybody help me out?