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    Err I made a Mistake

    M.S.Vara Prasad Newbie


      I have downloaded JBossIDE 1.5.1 GA (Windows Version) and extacted the zip file. I have downloaded and Installed JBoss AS vaersion JBoss-4.0.4.CR2 usjing the Jboss installer jar file. later when I started a new EJB 3.0 project I was told to select a JBoss Configuration. Then I created a new JBoss 4.0.x Configuration. Here Comes the problem:

      " The selected configuration ("New_Configuration") does not contain the expected EJB3 libraries. Please install JBoss with EJB3 enabled, or try another configuration " - JBossIDE.

      well I have downloaded " jboss-EJB-3.0_RC6-PFD " and extracted it to my JBoss Install Location.

      Please tell me how can I overcome this problem.

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