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    debug using JBOSS-IDE in eclipse

    nicolas r. fauceglia Newbie

      hi, I am using eclipse 3.1.2 with jboss 4.0.4 cr2
      and the last JBOSS IDE.
      I can start and stop the jboss server from eclipse without problems, and also deploy, undeploy or redeploy a WAR file,
      but I couldn't find out how to debug my app. from eclipse.

      in eclipse, I have a debug configuration pointing to my local jboss.
      if I add the Vm arguments required for debugging, when I press the DEBUG button, eclipse cannot start jboss.
      this is the error message:

      ERROR: JDWP unable to get necessary JVMTI capabilities. ["debugInit.c",L279]

      does anybody know how to debug from eclipse a WAR deployed on jboss?