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    Generating EJB remote interface using XDoclet in JBoss IDE

    Torsten Mielke Apprentice


      I am new to using XDoclet. Using the latest JBoss IDE with Eclipse 3.1, I want it to generate my EJB home and remote interfaces based on the annotations in the EJB implementation class (J2EE 1.3, EJB 2.0).
      I have followed the steps in the JBoss IDE Users Guide and have defined my XDoclet tasks.
      It currently generates all deployment descriptors and home interfaces alright, but it does not generate the remote interface.
      For my test bean I define:

      * @ejb.bean name="SLSB_ABean"
      * display-name="SLSB_ABean"
      * description="SLSB_ABean"
      * jndi-name="ejb/SLSB_ABean"
      * type="Stateless"
      * view-type="remote"
      * generate = "true"
      * transaction-type = "Container"
      public class SLSB_ABean implements SessionBean

      I also annotate all business methods:

      * @ejb.interface-method view-type = "remote"
      public String echoMessage(String msg) {
      //details omitted

      I further added a remoteinterface task in my XDoclet configuration and did also set the destDir property to my src folder.

      However, when running XDoclet I get the following output in the console:

      [ejbdoclet] (XDocletMain.start 47 ) Running
      [ejbdoclet] Generating EJB deployment descriptor (ejb-jar.xml).
      [ejbdoclet] (XDocletMain.start 47 ) Running
      [ejbdoclet] Generating jboss.xml.
      [ejbdoclet] (XDocletMain.start 47 ) Running
      [ejbdoclet] (XDocletMain.start 47 ) Running
      [ejbdoclet] Generating Home interface for 'com.iona.test.j2ee.SLSB_ABean'.
      [webdoclet] (XDocletMain.start 47 ) Running
      [webdoclet] Generating web.xml.
      [webdoclet] (XDocletMain.start 47 ) Running
      [webdoclet] (TemplateSubTask.engineStarted 806 ) Generating output 'jboss-web.xml' using template file 'jar:file:/C:/Java/Eclipse3.1/plugins/org.jboss.ide.eclipse.xdoclet.core_1.5.1.GA/xdoclet-jboss-module-1.2.3.jar!/xdoclet/modules/jboss/web/resources/jboss_web_xml.xdt'.
      Total time: 2 seconds

      As you can see, it enters the remoteinterface task but does not generate anything.
      Does anyone have an idea what I could be missing here in my example?

      Many thanks in advance for any help.
      Torsten Mielke
      IONA Technologies.