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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master


          xdoclet is not type safe
          xdoclet does not work without an extra build step
          xdoclet is not a standard

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            Will Woodman Newbie

            I think (but not sure as i cant start the server in the IDE) that you have to go to your properties section for your project and go to build properties/java build paths and remove any default jboss libraries, and add a new library.

            This provides a drop down list of libraries. Select the ejb3 library entry and this provides the jars you need that define the ejb annotations.

            Took me forever to sort this out last night. However i cant test it as my server wont start from within the IDE keeps moaning about

            java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Files/jboss-4/0/4/GA/bin////lib/endorsed

            this looks like a messup in the command line params for the vm. however if i edit those it gets overridden with the defaults again.

            cant seem to get past that.