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    Building without cleaning a directory

    Michael Congdon Newbie

      I have 2 projects in my Eclipse IDE that are both required to run our application, but should be managed as separate projects.

      To run them together, the build output of our .java files should go to the same directory where our JBoss server picks it up.

      However, if I configure each project to have the same output in the build path, I cannot do a Clean... on the projects.

      The clean on the first project wipes out all files in the output directory and then generates all the new .class files.

      The clean on the second project then wipes out all the files in the same output directory (which are just the output from project 1's build) before trying to compile its output.

      Is there any way I can configure Eclipse to do a build without deleting the files in the output directory first? This way our second build will not clean out the first build's output.

      Thanks in advance,