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    2 hot deploy questions

    lords_diakonos Newbie

      1. Is there any way to make the JBoss-IDE work so that when I change a jsp it will automatically deploy so I don't have to repackage and redeploy?

      2. We are getting alot of errors on hot code deploy not being able to work. It seems to be if we have a static hashmap and change something in that class in never works. Not sure what the reasoning here is.

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          To answer your questions:

          1) Unfortunately there is no way to hot-redeploy JSPs currently due to the internal nature of the Eclipse hot code replacement engine (we would end up copying and rewriting large parts of it..). There is no restriction from debugging though of course..

          2) Hot deployment is a pretty sticky issue. Basically we are letting eclipse and the JVM do the heavy lifting for us here, and the VM implementation tells the eclipse debugger if/when there is a problem with the replacement. Most commonly, errors occur in debugging when you try to change the signature of a class, i.e... add/remove a member or method, change a signature to a method, etc.. Unfortunately this is a "feature" of the implementation in the VM, and is out of our hands.

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            lords_diakonos Newbie

            OK well 3 more questions then

            1. Regarding the jsp hot deploy. Would it work if I wrote a program that could look at all jsps and if they have been modified deploy them and make the program a builder that fires on auto build?

            2. Is there a way to make a button on teh toolbar or some easier way to package then having to click on the project and ctl shift f2 to package. I have it set up so teh package actully deploys to Jboss so this would be a help.

            3. Is there a better JVM to use to make hot swap work? I am using JDK 1.5 from Sun. We could switch to JRocket or something I guess if it wold be better. What do you think?