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    Eclipse Platform 3.2 & JBoss-IDE?

    Clay Chang Newbie


      Since Eclipse Platform 3.2 has just been released, when will the sync'd version of JBoss-IDE be out?


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          Hi everyone,

          We are indeed very excited about the new release and eager to use great JBoss tools in the new 3.2 eclipse!!

          Looking at the JIRA roadmap, the JBoss IDE team has the following plans:

          [Unreleased] 2.0.0.Alpha ( 30/Jun/06 )

          [Unreleased] 2.0.0.Beta1 ( 14/Jul/06 )
          Task JBIDE-323 UNRESOLVED Integrate DroolsIDE into build / bundle Major Open
          Task JBIDE-324 UNRESOLVED Integrate JBossPortlet IDE into build / bundle Major Open
          Task JBIDE-325 UNRESOLVED Integrate JBossWS Tools
          into build / bundle Major Open

          [Unreleased] 2.0.0.Beta2 ( 04/Aug/06 )
          Task JBIDE-327 UNRESOLVED Integrate BPEL IDE with JBossIDE

          and finally

          2.0.0.GA ( 06/Oct/06 )
          2 of 9 issues have been resolved

          So my understanding is that we should have the first alpha in the next few days and have the first integrated beta by the beginning of august.

          Is that correct?


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            Max Rydahl Andersen Master

            look at dev forums for release plans