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    Cannot create debug-configuration

    Achim Hilwers Newbie


      Yesterday I have downloaded Eclipse 3.2 and the JBossIDE 1.6.0GA and installed it on my MacOS 10.4.7.

      I installed the JBossIDE via the update-manager of Eclipse and all seemed to go fine. When I now try to create a new debug-configuration for my JBoss-Server ("Run->Debug...") I have a list with the possible configuration-types that also contains the different JBoss-Servers from 2.4.x to 4.0.x. When I then right-click on JBoss 4.0.x and select "New" nothing happens. The same problem appears on all JBoss-Configurations. When I right-click on "JBoss AOP Application" or something else, the new-function works without any problems.

      What can I do now? I already have re-installed the JBossIDE with the same result.

      Is something missing? Is there any configuration-file where I could define a debug-configuraion for JBoss manually?

      I'm using JBoss 4.04GA