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    Setup for single box cluster on 2 Alpha

    Jacob Thompson Newbie

      Hi All,
      The way I test my clustering is to have two seperate instances of JBoss running bound to two different IP addresses,

      so --host=x and --host=y

      To do this I setup two different servers in JBoss IDE and set the start parameters.

      However in 2 Alpha, this just does not want to work.

      The list gives localhost and the first ip address of the host, but no more, so I fugure I will create the two hosts and then modify the ip address later.

      However, if you change hostname in the configuration, it still launches with the original hostname, if you edit the lauch properties, it does not allow you to change host there. I have tried to edit the .config file and have tried to edit the xml file that is created when you switch from meta data.

      I am assuming this is a bug/incomplete feature, but could someone confirm I am not missing something simple.