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    xdoclet configurations panel broken

    Todd Pinkerton Newbie


      I'm trying to complete the jboss-ide tutorial ( http://docs.jboss.com/jbosside/tutorial/build/en/html/ejb.file.generation.html ), but the xdoclet configurations panel under myProjectName-->rightclick->properties->XDoclet Configuration seems to be broken.

      only the 'enable Xdoclet' checkbox and the 'define xdoclet configurations available' textarea appears -- no buttons to add configs to the textarea are available, so I can't add them.

      This is on a Mac OS 10.4.7, Eclipse 3.2.0 , jboss-ide 1.6.0GA. There also seems to be other non-jboss xdoclet stuff in there too -- for example, there is a jboss-ide xdoclet menu under window-->Preferences, but also an 'Xdoclet' menu at the top level there as well. Is there a known working eclipse/xdoclet versions I should be sticking to ?

      I've seen other posts indicating that the perspective must be set to Java, and you must use the project explorer to get to the Properties in order for hthe xdoclet config panel to work, but I've done both of those things and it still does not render correctly.

      When I get to properties and select "xdoclet configuration", an alert box appears which says "could not accept changes -- The currently displayed page contains invalid values". No stacktrace appears in my shell running eclipse.

      I have also tried refreshing the xdoclet modules and data via window-->Preferences.

      I apologize if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find any symptoms quite like these in all my searching.