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    Another problem with the Fibo tutorial

    Chilly Willy Newbie

      I'm also having trouble running the JBoss/Eclipse tutorial. I'm running Eclipse 3.1, Linux, JBoss 3.2.8, JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.6.0 GA. I get all the way to the part where the server is started in the tutorial, but then two things happen. First of all, double-clicking in the left column does not create breakpoints, nor is there an right-click option there to add a breakpoint, for example in ComputeServlet.java.

      Secondly, there are "Problems" in my ComputeServlet.java code (which show up as exceptions if I try to submit a number to be computed on the web form). The are all resolving problems:

      FiboHome cannot be resolved to a type - on every line on which FiboHome appears, including

      private FiboHome home;

      This results in

      home cannot be resolved - later in the code, anywhere home appears.


      Fibo cannot be resolved to a type - on

      Fibo bean = home.create();

      It seems to not be finding the definitions under Tutorial/src/tutorial.interfaces, but I'm not sure why.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction?

      Incidentally, the other thing I noticed about the tutorial that didn't work in mine was the ctrl-space code completion in the place where all those "@web . . ." things go. Could that have anything to do with it?


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          Chilly Willy Newbie

          Sorry, I'm stupid. I forgot to import the relevant classes.

          I also found a solution to my two other anomalies regarding breakpoints, code-folding and code assist . . . it seems that EclipseColorer (I was using 0.7.1) interferes with other editors, specifically in these kind of dynamic editor behaviors. I disabled it, and everything works well now.