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    Using JBossIDE to generate Web Sevices

    CS Waltenbaugh Newbie

      I've browsed the forums and wikis but can seem to find any documentation on how to generate web services using JBossIDE. I know it includes JBossWS and I have installed JBossWS 1.0.2 into my local JBossAS but what are the steps to generating a WS with the IDE? I don't believe it can be accomplished via WTP since that only has an Axis profile. So how is it done?

      My environment:
      WinXP Pro
      Eclipse 3.2 (Callisto) release with WTP 1.5
      JBossIDE 2.0.0.Beta1
      JBossAS 4.0.4 with JBossWS 1.0.2.GA
      (No EJB3.0 at this point)