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    My JSPs can't find some of the classes needed

    Salvador Gimeno Zanón Newbie

      We are working on a J2EE project using JBoss+Hibernate. We have two projects in Eclipse, one for the Hibernate classes, one for the JBoss app. The main developer commited both projects to our CVS. I downloaded them both from the CVS into a new, empty, Eclipse Workplace.

      All fine, except for the fact that Eclipse/JBoss IDE is full of red error icons, because the JSPs in the JBoss project can't find the POJO classes defined in the Hibernate project (only in my computer, the main developer has no problems).
      What drives me nuts is the fact that all the Java classes in the JBoss project _can_ find the POJO classes, and don't give any errors. It's just the JSP files that can't find them.

      Any ideas as to what might be causing this behaviour?

      I'm using Eclipse 3.1 + JBoss IDE 1.6, on Windows XP. Compiling with Java 5.