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    changing host parameter in launch configuration

    Vitaliy S Newbie


      I want to start JBoss3.2.8 Server from JBoss IDE for Eclipse 3.2 and JbossIDE 2.0alpha1a

      When I try to change host parameter


      no matter what value I enther I receice message:
      You may not change the configuration directory or the host in this fashion.

      In what fashion I should we change the host parameter?

      PS it seems impossible according to JBossLaunchConfigurationTabGroup.java
      but maybe there is a hack? ;-)

      private boolean isHostAndConfigValid() {
       String progArgs = fPrgmArgumentsText.getText();
       String workingConfig = RuntimeConfigUtil.getCommandArgument(progArgs, "-c", "--configuration");
       String workingHost = RuntimeConfigUtil.getCommandArgument(progArgs, "-b", "--host");
       String oldConfig = RuntimeConfigUtil.getCommandArgument(originalProgramArgs, "-c", "--configuration");
       String oldHost = RuntimeConfigUtil.getCommandArgument(originalProgramArgs, "-b", "--host");
       boolean valid = true;
       if( !workingHost.equals(oldHost)) {
       valid = false;
       if( !workingConfig.equals(oldConfig)) {
       valid = false;
       return valid;

      Vitaliy S