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    Tutorial XDoclet Configurations

    Stephen Kavanagh Newbie

      I am new to Eclipse and JBoss, so I may be missing something obvious. However after spending the day doing to Fibonacci tutorial four times and getting to the same roadblock I thought I'd ask for some help....

      I am on a Mac running OSX 10.4 (Tiger).

      I am getting thru to Chapter 5 of the Tutorial. When I get to the "Generation of the EJB related files", I cannot seem to get a proper XDoclet Configuration screen up.

      The screen I get by "right" clicking on the Tutorial Project in the Package Exploration pane comes up OK, but when I click on Properties and try to select the XDoclet Configuration wizard, I get "The currently displayed page contains invalid values". If I select another wizard and then go back to the XDoclet Configuration wizard, I can enable/disable XDoclet, but there are no menus on the right-hand side of the wizard window, so I cannot do any of the following steps in the tutorial.

      What am I missing???