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    Run on server (JBoss Eclipse IDE 2.0 B1)

    Erik Hellman Newbie

      I've setup an Enterprise Application project and a EJB 3 project. Added the EJB 3 project to the Enterprise Application in application.xml so that it appears under the modules in Deployment Descriptor.

      Now I want to run this on my JBoss server (4.0.4). I right-click on the Deployment Descriptor and choose "Run on server", choose the JBoss-server I have configured, click next and confirm that my Enterprise Application is added and flick "Finished". Now a dialog with the message "Could not find a client that is able to launch the selection" appears and nothing is started.

      Sure, I can run the application using a packaging configuration and all, but I wish to use hot deploy features and avoid having to run the packaging every time I make a change to the code. I can do this when working with Apache Tomcat, so I see no reason that it shouldn't work for JBoss. Is it a missing feature that will be implemented or am I missing something?