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    How to "Configuring and Launching a Server" using eclipse 3.

    Alon Tzipory Newbie

      Hi and well-done for the 2.0.0 IDE Release.

      I'm looking for a tutorial or a guide how to "Configuring and Launching a Server" using eclipse 3.2/JBoss IDE 2.0.0.
      I can't define a launcher to my project and wasting quite time on it.
      In IDE 1.5 it was a specific jboss version launcher in the run/debug configuration menu.

      Any assistance?

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          Martin Dames Newbie


          its a reply to an old post but perhaps it could help someone.

          So I found this site:

          Look for the section "Eclipse 3.2: Installing Web Development (including JBOSS) Support"

          And there you are! :-D

          Well, this site is about something else, but it works fine for me! :-)

          I copied the contents from the page, because its not a JBoss site and could be go to nowhere...

          Greets SA.

          Eclipse 3.2: Installing Web Development (including JBOSS) Support
          If you are running Eclipse 3.2, this is how you can run JBOSS from within Eclipse. This section assumes that you have JBOSS already installed and Eclipse is running the JDK is configured.

          Part 1: Install the "Web Standard Tools" and "J2EE Standard Tools"

          Go to the Help menu and select Software Updates, Find and Install
          On the dialog box that pops up, select "Search for new features to install" and click "Next"
          Click the Callisto Discovery Site checkbox and click "Finish"
          This should bring you back a list including "C and C++ Development", "Java Development", "Web and J2EE Development".
          Open "Web and J2EE Development" and select "Web Standard Tools" and "J2EE Standard Tools". Click on "Select Required" and the other needed items will be selected for you.
          When you are ready, Click "next" and go through the screens to install these features.
          Allow the installer to restart Eclipse if it needs to do this.
          When it is all installed, follow the same process but this time select the option to "Search of updates" rather than get new features. This should ensure you have the latest copy of the installed products.
          Part 2: Configure JBOSS
          Once all the updates are done, go to Preferences, Web Services, Server and Runtime.
          Select the Window Menu, then Show View, Other. Expand Server and select servers. A new tab should open in the bottom part of your screen, marked Servers.
          On the Server area, right mouse click to get a popup menu and select "New", "Server".
          Select JBOSS v4.0 and click Next.
          Set up the JRE to your Java 1.5 (Java 5) JDK. Despite what the label on the screen says it must be an JDK for JBOSS to run properly, not a JRE (runtime version).
          Set the "Application Server Directory" to your jboss directory.
          Follow through the remaining screens. Do not set up any projects on the server.
          You should now have an entry for JBOSS on the server tab. Start jboss by right mouse clicking on the JBOSS row and selecting start.
          One advantage of this method of starting JBOSS from Eclipse (over the older MyEclipse method) is that you can now have more than one 4.0.x version of JBOSS configured on your PC and be able to switch between versions easily. This won't affect many developers but it is handy when we are trying out other versions of JBOSS.

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            Max Rydahl Andersen Master

            just one big error in that text ;)

            It is using the WTP based adapter (called JBoss 4.0)
            you should be using JBoss Inc. 4.0 if you want the JBoss provided features.

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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              plus the text doesn't install JBossIDE it just installs WTP ....JBossIDE *adds* functionallity.

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                Martin Dames Newbie

                Yes thats right, I assumed this is already known stuff.

                Well, I have created a Wiki page about this. It would be nice if can read it and post some suggestions or change a bit!



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                  Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                  cool but the wiki says "wrong" things:

                  e.g. WTP is not required to install since the needed parts comes together with JBoss IDE 2

                  and you keep saying JBoss 4.0 as the server to choose where it should be JBoss Inc 4.0 ....BIG difference.

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                    Martin Dames Newbie


                    I just followed the suggestion in the link above... because it doesnt work for me before. But you be right. Ill check that out and change the wiki.

                    But could you please explain me where is the difference between JBoss 4.0 and JBoss Inc 4.0? I just used the jems installer to install the AS. So what do I have now? :-)

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                      Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                      has nothing to do with the AS Installer.

                      The WTP server adapter called "JBoss 4.0" is a WTP maintained server adapter (with parts originally from JBoss developers)

                      The WTP server adapter called "JBoss Inc 4.0" is maintained by the JBoss IDE project and has more and newer features than the WTP server adapter.

                      The last one is what is provided in JBoss IDE 2.0

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                        Martin Dames Newbie

                        Ahh.. so it has nothing with the installed AS in common... but refering to your comment before:

                        and you keep saying JBoss 4.0 as the server to choose where it should be JBoss Inc 4.0 ....BIG difference

                        So yes I keep saying JBoss 4.0 as the server because I haven't talked about any adapter.

                        Well... I just killed the section about the Calisto stuff, please take another look to make sure its now correct.

                        Thank you.

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                          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                          you say "Select JBoss 4.0" that is a server adapter!

                          and it is called JBoss Inc 4.x in JBoss IDE

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                            Martin Dames Newbie


                            yes finally I got the error you described. Yes you are right, its the better Server Adapter. Much more functionality as the normal one. I havent realized what you mentioned directly... :-)

                            But thanks anyway, the wiki page should be fine now.

                            Hey, I released my first JBoss wiki page in final state ( Hehe.. I hope so^^)

                            Thanks for helping.

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                              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                              cool - now i agree more with the contents ;)