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    Can't create new debug configuration in Eclipse 3.2

    Miguel Loichate Newbie


      I'm working with Eclipse 3.2 and so that I could debug in the JBoss application server, I downloaded JBoss Eclipse Ide 1.6, latest stable release I think.

      With this plug-in I'm not able to debug a JBoss Server Application because I cannot create a new debug configuration for JBoss 4.0.x. Therefore went back to JBoss and downloaded plug-in 2.0.0.Beta1. With this new plug-in I'm not still able to debug. Seems impossible to create a new debug configuration.

      Eclipse forums and bug system say it's related to JBoss plug-in.

      Has anybody experienced this situation?
      I would really appreciate any help on this cause I'm newbie to Eclipse, JBoss and so on.