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    Seam beta code generator does not like self-referencing tabl

    Kip Obenauf Newbie

      First off -- I really like the direction the JBoss Seam Skeleton App is going. I was writing one of these myself, but I'm more than happy to use the one that's being productized here.

      I have run into a small bug in this beta version, however. I have a table called foo with these columns:

      The columns 'id' and 'parent_foo' are both bigints. I have a foreign key pointing from parent_foo to the id of the foo table. When I run Hibernate Code Generation using the JBoss Seam Skeleton App exporter, the resulting code creates a FooEditor class that has duplicate methods for selectFoo(), and the FooEditorBean class has duplicate fields and selector methods as well.

      I'm running JBossIDE-2.0.0.Beta1-Bundle-win32.zip.