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    web.xml generation with XDoclet / JBoss Eclipse IDE Tutorial

    Anette Engel Newbie

      web.xml and jboss.xml don't get generated:

      I followed steps in the JBoss Eclipse IDE Tutorial. (I skipped the EJB part as I am not interested in them for the time being.). As described in chapter 7 I enabled the Xdoclet configuration and did add a web doclet configuration but the neither the WEB-INF directory nor the web.xml file or jboss-web.xml were generated.

      I am wondering if something may be wrong with my set up as no output messages are printed to the console. Any idea's what might be wrong with my environment?

      The version I am using:
      - j2sdk1.4.2_12
      - jboss-4.0.4.GA
      - JBossIDE-1.5.1
      - Eclipse SDK 3.1.2