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    Jboss IDE deploy vs. run.bat Classpath error

    Nic Botha Newbie

      Hi, deploying my ear when starting JBoss in Eclipse IDE it works but when starting up JBoss with run.bat a certain jar is not in the classpath. In Eclipse in server view I add the jars (sitting in ) to classpath. Same jars are in environment setttings PATH and CLASSPATH. These are security providers and are not included in my war. I have tried using the -c option in run.bat but can't getting it to work. What is the difference between starting in Eclipse and starting JBoss from command line?


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          Rob Stryker Master

          The -c option says which configuration you plan on using, (default, minimal, all etc). When using run.bat directly you should probably add elements to the classpath.

          If you run run.bat -h you should probably see common flags to set.

          There it says you need -C (capital letter, not lowercase) or --classpath= to add elements to the classpath.

          So the only difference between run.bat and eclpse is that elcipse gives you a nice graphical way to edit the classpath, whereas via command line that responsibility is yours.