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    create a simple EJB 3.0 application

    weiming chen Newbie

      I just wonder how to create an EJB3 application on eclipse. I have installed JBoss 4.0.4, Eclipse 3.2, JBoss Eclipse IDE 1.6 GA with patch.

      I tried to use eclipse embeded EJB 3.0 framework, so I clicked File->New->Project. In the Wizard, I chose EJB 3.0 ->EJB 3.0 Project, and clicked Next. I input "Calculator" as project name, then clicked "create a JBoss configration" in Select a JBoss configuration section. Because I installed JBoss 4.0.4 in D:\JBOSS_HOME, I createed a new configration under JBoss 4.0.x, and choose D:\JBOSS_HOME\4.0.4 as Home Directory. As I created a folder "myapp" based on "default" in JBoss deploy folder, I chose myapp as Server Configuration (actually, it doesn't matter if I chose default or myapp). Notice, I set jdk1.5.0._07 as Runtime JRE in JDK tag, becase tools.jar in its lib folder . Everything seems going well so far. However, when I click Finish in Select a JBoss configuration window, an EJB3 Tools-Error popped up: "The selected configuration (New_configration) does not contain the expected EJB3 libraries. Please install JBoss with EJB3 enabled or try another configuration".
      Can anyone tell me how to fix this error please?

      Weiming Chen