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    WTP & JBoss IDE for EJB3

    jk;l jkl; Expert

      Looking at the following link, what needs to be downloaded to use with JBoss IDE, if I want to use EJB3?


      The link has:
      - Web Standard Tools
      - J2EE Standard Tools
      - Dali Java Persistence API Tools
      - JavaServer Faces Tools

      What confuses me is which of the above do I need? (If I have JBoss IDE, why would I need any of the above to begin with? Doesn't JBoss IDE include the functionality that the above provide?)

      What about Hibernate Tools? Would I still need to download that separately for using Hibernate as the EJB3 persistence in JBoss?

      Please tell me what I need to download if I'd like to use Eclipse on JBoss with most of Java EE features (incl. JPA based on Hibernate, JSF, etc...)

      It's all so overwhelming!

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          You shouldn't need web and j2ee standard tools with jboss ide since they are included (jbosside build "on top" of it)

          Dali and JSF Tools are not included because they were not very stable when we tested them.

          We are most likely going to include them in the long term, but unfortunately these two projects are now targetting WTP 2 and Eclipse 3.3 making it pretty hard (read: impossible) for us to include in a Eclipse 3.2 version.

          Hibernate Tools are included with JBossIDE so also no need to download seperately.

          So the short answer is: Just start by downloading the JBossIDE bundle and add Dali and JSF if you feel they are needed.

          p.s. and give us feedback on dali and jsf and tell if they have improved or not ;)