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    cannot upgrade to 2.0.0.beta2

    mazz Master

      I'm attempting to install 2.0.0.beta2 from the update site. I have Eclipse 3.2.1 installed and when I go through the update wizard, I get to the point where I select all JBossIDE 2.0.0.beta2 components in the list of items i want to update.

      However, the wizard has greyed out the next and finish button and its showing me a red X next to the component labeled "JBoss Eclipse IDE 2.0.0.Beta2". The error details message tells me:

      "JST Enterprise Core (1.5.1.v200609051533--2PD88P8YAGDADJ) requires feature "org.eclipse.emf.ecore.sdo (2.2.0)", or equivalent."

      At this point I'm stuck and cannot continue the wizard to install JBossIDE.