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    scrollableDataTable with customable scrolls

    andrei vasile Newbie

      Hello, i am using the rich:scrollableDataTable in my project, and it works fine, but one thing that bothers me really: I have not found a way to say to the grid that i want the vertical scroll visible at all time, even if i don't have enough rows to fill it's body to it's maximum height.
      The version i am using is 3.1.4. GA
      Is there a way to do it? Using skinabillity, styleClasses from my *.jspx or even with raw css in a style sheet file? I inspected the component on the client side and i found out that the scrolls apear on the div with the id terminating in :scb (for example dataTableForm:dataTable:scb) which has an overflow-x:auto; overflow-y:auto;
      When i say raw css i mean defining a css selector that identifies this div and overrides the two settings.
      P.s. I saw that there are headerClass and footerClass, should the styleClass attribute be for the body area of the grid? I tried using it with no success
      Thank your for replying to this post in advance