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    2.0beta2 generated client project build path

    Mark Rosenthal Newbie

      When creating an EJB project, in the 'New EJB Project' wizard, on the 'EJB Module->Configure ejb module settings' panel, if 'Create an EJB Client JAR module...' is selected, a client library project will be created.

      The generated interfaces within the client project contain references to classes such as javax.ejb.EJBObject. The properties for the client project do not get initialized with a library reference for these classes.

      I seem to be able to work around this by adding a library reference to the client project Java Build Path:
      J2EE 1.4 Libraries (JBoss-IDE)

      Is this the intended way to do this? If the client jar (not the EJB itself) was to be deployed on another vendor's app server, would the other vendor's J2EE Libraries need to be referenced instead?