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    Hot code replacing in debugging?

    Tong Wang Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I've beening using WSAD 5.1/RAD 6 in my previous work and now I am working in another company that uses JBoss Eclipse IDE. When I was using WSAD, I was able to make a change in the code (JSP or Servlet or EJB) and without restarting the testing server, to see the change in the running app. However, it looks like this is not possible with JBoss IDE, or maybe since I am new to JBoss, there is some configuration I missed. But anyway, if I make a code in my JBoss IDE, I have to repackage the EAR and redeploy the EAR for the change to take effect. I wonder if there is anyway to do the hot code replacing as that of WSAD. Any suggestion and help will be appreciated.

      BTW, I am using JBoss IDE 1.6 GA and JBoss server 4.0.1.