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    JBossIDE Bundle and the demo movie

    A noyb Newbie

      I downloaded the JBossIDE Bundle (JBossIDE+Webtools+Eclipse) for 2.0.0 Beta2. I saw there was a nice movie for "Creating a new server", watched it then tried to do it.

      As far as I can tell the dialogs and functionality available in what I downloaded do not match the movie at all. Dialogs don't happen when they should, nothing shows up in the lower pane of the JBoss Server View, the server pulldown menu doesn't seem to work at all, etc. Is that right?


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          A noyb Newbie

          no one can answer as simple a question as this???

          If I've got something wrong considered so stupid that it doesn't deserve a response I'd appreciate someone letting me know.

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            Rob Stryker Master

            I think the problem was that you didn't provide enough information. It honestly seems like you somehow have a completely buggy version of beta2 because that's not characteristic of the download at all.

            You didn't say which dialogs don't match.

            The server pulldown doesnt work until you have a server declared. Without a server declared, the view will be empty as well. It seems your first step must be to declare a server. One of the demos addresses that, but you said you couldnt figure it out.

            In the empty JBoss Servers View, did you try to right-click in the top portion and select new server? Did you try that from the pull down? More information and testing is required I guess.

            Step one to get anything to work really is to create a new server.

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              A noyb Newbie

              Thanks for that. After going through the movie again to point out the problem areas I just realized that I was choosing the "JBoss" folder under server type as opposed to the "JBoss Inc" folder. I assume that would explain why the behavior I was seeing was so strange and that the non-AS servers aren't supported as well throughout the IDE?

              These servers would show up in the JBoss Server View once created, but wouldn't show up there again after restarting Eclipse (though they still existed in Eclipse).