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    Class path settings for a JBoss server

    aashishvora Newbie

      I have creted a new server in JBoss for my application and also have a different folder structure and I need help to setup classpath settings for it.
      Following is my server structure


      I am loading all the properties files by reading their names from config.xml, where I have defined the path for all my properties file as

      In my run.bat file I have an entry for the class path as follows

      When I run my server through Command line everything is working fine.

      In JBoss IDE, When I select the JBoss home, IDE shows myserver in the dropdown and I selected it. For my classpath, I added the properties folder as an external folder as I could not find a way to add it as a relative to my server root directory (myserver). When I try to run the same through JBoss IDE, it is not working as it is taking the root directory as C:\JBoss-4.0.2 and not as C:\JBoss-4.0.2\server\myserver and hence I cannot find any of my properties files.

      Can someone tell me how to change the settings so as to make it work or is there a way I can call the existing run.bat file from the IDE itself when I start the server.

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            Rob Stryker Master

            There is no way to execute the run.bat and have it run from within eclipse, so what jboss ide does is execute the jar with its arguments directly.

            If you browse through the run.bat, you can find out how it takes the arguments from the properties file and then executes the jar. You can then take those arguments and apply them to the starting of the server by modifying your server's launch configuration.

            To change arguments directly, double click on the server and click "Edit Launch Configuration" which should come up as a hyperlink. There you can edit directly the arguments. I realize this isn't as nice as having it read properties files, but... ... that's what we've got right now.

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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              is there anything techincally that prevents us for providing a way to execute the run.bat ?