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    Error while running XDoclet ??

    Koray Drizzt Newbie

      Hi, i was following the JBoss IDE tutorial.In chapter 5, i have done all xdoclet settings and Run Xdoclet..

      After this, i got this message first
      "Warnings while parsing key bindings from the 'org.eclipse.ui.commands' extension point

      After this error log listed this error

      "Error while running XDoclet"
      "javax.xml.transform.TransformConfigurationException : Could not compile stylesheet"

      I am using
      Eclipse 3.1.2
      JBossIDE 1.5
      JDK 1.5

      In home, i have tried same things and everything went fine..
      It's eclipse 3.0, Jboss IDE 1.4 JDK 1.5

      I couldn't figure out the problem..Could you help me, please ?