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    Cannot start JBoss server from Eclipse with JBoss IDE 2 beta

    Alex Titov Newbie

      I created J2EE project and now I want to deploy it on the server. I try to define a new runtime (Window-> Preferences -> Server -> Installed Runtimes). I clicked "Add..." button and selected "JBoss 4 Server Adapter Runtime". After selection only two buttons are enabled - "Finish" and "Cancel". I clicked "Finish".
      Runtime is added. But there is no way to define a folder with JBoss.
      I installed following plug-ins:
      - HibernateTools-3.2.0.beta8
      - JBossIDE-EJB3-Tools-1.1.0.Beta2
      - JBossIDE-JBossAS-Tools-1.0.0.Beta2

      What should I do to deploy my projects on the server?