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    rich:listShuttle not available in Richfaces 3.1.0 ?

    Raj K Newbie


      I am trying to use rich:listShuttle in my modalPanel.
      But I am getting error like:

      JSPG0228E: Exception caught while translating /JspPage.jsp: error in statically included file /ModalPanel.jsp(13,9) --> JSPG0046E: Unable to locate tagfile for tag listShuttle

      I am using JSF 1.1 & RichFaces 3.1.0

      I am using listShuttle something like below:

      <rich:listShuttle var="items" listHeight="300" listWidth="300"
      sourceCaptionLabel="Available Items"
      targetCaptionLabel="Currently Active Items"
      <rich:column width="18">
      <h:graphicImage value="# {MyBean.MyVariable}"></h:graphicImage>
      <h:outputText value="#{MyBean.MyVariable}"></h:outputText>