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    jboss ide / eclipse 3.2.1 bug?

    Na Ta Newbie


      I am trying to run a debug configuration but when I press on Jboss-4.x configuration nothing happens. When I doubleclick I get an error asking me to look at error log. Which error is ment there?

      thanks for help in advance.

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          Na Ta Newbie

          installed the last beta and it worked

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            David Clark Newbie

            I am having similar issues. I am running Eclipse 3.2 on OS X and nothing happens when I try to configure the JBoss 4.0.2 server inside Eclipse. Do I need to re-create my project as a JBoss application -it's just a standard application now, no XDoclet, and everything is build using ANT.

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              Michael Valentiner Newbie

              I've got this problem too.
              Eclipse 3.2.1
              Eclipse IDE 1.6.0.GA
              Under Run->Debug, selecting JBoss Remote does nothing. Selecting JBoss AOP Application brings up a new configuration panel, but JBoss Remote (or JBoss anything else) does not. Anyone have a fix or work around?
              jalla, what last beta did you install, Eclipse or JBoss IDE? What versions?

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                Darrin Blocker Newbie

                I am haveing the same problem. I installed an AllInOne eclipse 3.2 from the BIRT project. I just dld and installed 2.0.0 beta and I get

                An error has occured. See error log for more details.
                Well I WOULD see the error log if I knew where to find it... I never had problems with my 3.1 install. Anyone have an idea about what might be causing this?

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                  Darrin Blocker Newbie

                  Ok.. So obviosly I don't use the error log. (I found the view for it.) There were some complainst about duplicate file names and java.Lang not found etc. Just removed my BIRT build and replaced it with the bundle build for JBOSS and all is well. Probably doesn' t help anyone that much but at least I redeemed myself from ignorant in not find the error log.. :)

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                    caroline demortier Newbie

                    Same problem...
                    Eclipse 3.2.1 and JBoss IDE 1.6

                    In the error log :
                    !ENTRY org.eclipse.jface 4 2 2006-11-20 11:14:10.031
                    !MESSAGE Problems occurred when invoking code from plug-in: "org.eclipse.jface".
                    !STACK 0
                    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/jdt/internal/debug/ui/launcher/JavaLaunchConfigurationTab
                    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)

                    any idea ?

                    jalla : what last beta did you install to fix it ?
                    Thanks a lot !!

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                      Suresh Pasumarthi Newbie

                      I too have the same problem, I am using jboss ide 1.6 / eclipse 3.2.1?? When I right click jboss4.x.x to create a new configuration nothing happens?? Any help greatly appreciated, TIA Suresh.

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                        Rob Stryker Master

                        It has been stated over and over that eclipse 3.2 and JBoss IDE 1.6 do not compat. They are not compatible. They're compat-resistant. They will resist all attempts to compat. You should not try to make them or else they will be angry and will not compat with you. ;)

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                          Brad Maxwell Newbie

                          So... Given this striking incompatabilit, what is your recommended path to goodness? Shall I select a different version of the JBoss-IDE package? A different version of Eclipse? If so which different version of which packate? Of all the possible combinations of these two splendiforous products what are the compatable versions? Is there any intention of supporting the installation of the latest version of the "JBoss plugin for ECLIPSE" on the latest version of ECLIPSE? It seems to me that this should be a fruitful thing to attempt.

                          Anyway, it would be helpful for us users of these products if the vendors would provide a bit of guidance on the compatible versions that do work together rather than simply stating the obvious - "It doesn't work" when that is the very complaint from the user that is being addressed.

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                            Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                            jboss ide 2.x and Eclipse 3.2 are compatible.