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    does this thing work with Mac OS X?

    David Clark Newbie

      I have installed/uninstalled/reinstalled the JBoss-IDE plugin several times as the online documentation called for. When restarting Eclipse and then selecting "Run | Debug" I get a screen asking me to provide the projects that will be used. The list is null, so I can only assume the plugin either can't see or doesn't recognize my applications (standard Eclipse Java project).

      When I try to configure a server to debug with, clicking the new button doesn't give any options.

      All I can guess is that this won't work on OS X (10.4.8) with Eclipse (3.2) and JBoss AS 4.0.2, with JBoss IDE 1.6.0.GA.

      Can anyone confirm this? Is there a better place to get answers?

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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          that page will only show projects that are EJB, WAR, etc. projects.

          "Plain java projects" is something our adapter/container support but unfortunately WTP doesn't.

          But that doesn't mean you can't debug your apps. what you need to run/debug should just be your resulting .ear/.war etc. and it should just work.

          If source lookup doesn't seem to work you need to add your project's source path to the jboss launch configuration.

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            David Clark Newbie

            Thank you for the response. I should have clarified by "standard Eclipse poject" I mean it does have EJB, and two WAR's. It has a directory structure:

            - src <-all java code
            - config
            - test
            - webapps

            In other IDE (such as myEclipse) they want this broken out into many other projects and then bundled as one applicaiton. However, since this is a legacy application I am reluctant to break one project into many.

            It sounds like you think it should work, so I will look in the documentation for setting the jboss launch configuration.

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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              Yes, this will work by the fact that our JBossAS integration accepts plain old ear's, war's etc.

              What will not work is the deeper integration with WTP etc., thus some things will work "less" than if you had "real" projects for these things.

              Our goal is to be flexible in this respect, but some things will be a bit harder in an "arbitrary" project.

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                Rob Stryker Master

                MyEclipse wants it broken out because webtools (WTP) wants it broken out, but we agree breaking these things out aren't necessarily the best way to do things.

                However, it still will not work the way it is. You will be unable to run your project on the server.

                What Max said, but I don't believe you (sonoerin) understood, is that you need to package the project into a .jar or .war and then run THAT file on the server / debug on server. (Right click on your .war or .ejb and run on server). You cannot run the project itself as of now.