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    Date filtering in rich:dataTable - Maintaining the conversat

    alex rozario Newbie


      In my project, i am using a "rich:dataTable" to show the results under 4 types..

      type1 type2 type3 type4

      In which, we can filter the data by selecting any of the type (type1 or type2 or...)
      I have achieved that using "a4j:commandLink" with "f:param" as typeNO

      Now i after filtering the list.. Lets assume type1 has 4 records.. its showing those 4 only. (Its working fine)
      Then, i can view any of those record by clicking that record.. used "s:link" for that..

      Here, if i press the Backspace button in my keyboard it shows my first page with all the records in all type..
      The type1 selection disappears... :(

      How can i maintain my selection...
      How can i maintain my conversation..

      Can you please help me..

      Thank you,