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    Alex Grönholm Novice

      In Eclipse, you can create a new "Application client" project, and add it to your existing Enterprise Application. The Eclipse help system describes them like this:

      Application client projects contain the resources needed for application client modules. An application client module is used to contain a full-function client Java? application (non Web-based) that connects to and uses the J2EE resources defined in your server.

      Have I understood this completely wrong? I have an EJB3 project with a Swing based client for it, and up till now I have had a monolithic project for both, and used the Packaging facility in JBoss IDE to package and deploy the EAR. Then I started looking into J2EE type projects. I just can't figure out why it automatically packages Application Clients inside the EAR? Aren't they supposed to be desktop applications??? How should I develop such desktop applications then?

      Eclipse 3.2.1, JBossIDE 2.0.0beta2

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          Alex Grönholm Novice

          Damn, the forum software cut my topic in half, and there is no edit option :(
          Anyway, I figured out how to make Eclipse *NOT* package the client in the EAR file, but I still don't understand why anyone would want to do that. Could someone please explain?