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    Upgrading to 2.0: How do I deploy my web app?

    Rob Hasselbaum Newbie


      I'm upgrading from 1.6 to 2.0. I have an existing web application project that I'm trying to deploy, but not having any luck.

      In 1.6, I used to right click on the project and select "Run Packaging". Then I right-clicked on the generated WAR file and selected "Deploy To" and the picked my JBoss launch configuration.

      What are the equivalent steps in 2.0? I've already created a new server runtime and server instance, and it starts up fine. I can also run packaging like I did before. But when I right-click on the WAR file, there is no "Deploy To" option. I also tried right-clicking on the server and choosing "Add and Remove Projects", but a dialog appears that says, "There are no projects that can be added or removed from the server." How can I get it to see the web app in my workspace?