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    JBoss Tools to provide good documentation and jars needed

    S(Samuel) Pattabiraman Newbie

      The Jboss tools project is worst the first visit. The project never tells where do the simple update from
      Say 1) Configure ... in Eclipse installer
      2) Download the Zip file or rest
      3) Get with JBoss IDE(Say you give or not)

      Your eclipse update site installation is a big Zero. Missing and update site won't work. Zip files won't show the features in eclipse.
      Your JBoss IDE update for eclipse never show hibernate.
      Something fundamentally wrong.
      The documents are out of sync with the features.
      The document never tells where to get hypersonic driver, where to start and nothing is in it. Assume a start tutorial with the driver jars which don't exist or come with hibernate.
      On the whole there the process is badly broken. You should have a feedback site for each page to see how the contents are.
      Website is unorganized and not good at all.
      It is messy than before. I don't know what commercial motive is behind. Buy premium support model for a simple configuration.