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    Deploying an ejb-jar in jboss eclipse ide

    Geoffrey De Smet Newbie

      I have installed a jboss 4.0.5 with the ejb3 profile.

      I have create a little poc project as "a new ejb3 project":

      MyWebService.java uses @WebService and @WebMethod etc.
      If I jar it manually and drop it in the deploy dir, it works.
      However I can't figure out how to deploy it (jarred or exploded) from Jboss Eclipse ide.

      I've tried several versions of the IDE, including the latest 1.x and the 2.0.0-beta2. I did manage to get the server running from inside Eclipse, but when I try "run on application server" it says no project found that can be run on application server.

      What version of jboss eclipse ide should I use?
      How do I enable my ejb3 project to be deployable on my jboss?

      Thanks for any help.