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    Error creating WS: IWAB0514E Unable to get URL for project .

    Paul Kaiser Newbie

      I'm trying to publish a simple Java class as a web service using the Web Services > Create Web Service functionality. I accept the defaults. After processing a bit, I get "IWAB0514E Unable to get URL for project wst-p03" in a dialog. When I acknowledge the dialog and cancel the wizard, I see Axis integrated into WEB-INF/lib and web.xml. I get the deploy.wsdd, deploy.wsdd.bak and undeploy.wsdd under WEB-INF/... and the WSDL file under WebContent/wsdl.

      I'm using Eclipse 3.2.1, JBoss IDE 2.0.0.Beta2, JBoss AS 4.0.5.GA (Tomcat 5.5), JBossWS 1.0.4 (although this shouldn't be involved). There are no log entries related to this in the Eclipse log.

      The service does not deploy. The only information I've found so far indicates a bug in earlier versions of Eclipse WTP and a reference to using Tomcat 5.0 instead of 5.5.

      Has anyone experienced this?


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          sri ram Newbie

          hai paul,

          iam new to this forum and JBOSS IDE.Iam working on webservice deploying on Jboss. as you posted iam also experiencing the same error.But what i observed is by generating sample jsps from create sample jsps option .Testclient.jsp is generated .from this iam able to access the webservice.But some how that error has to be removed.
          I think you posted this long back.so you might have resolved the problem .please let me know why it is happening so.